Mountain Bike Riding

Healesville is a popular destination for mountain bike riders. The southern end of The Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) is at Healesville, in the mountains about 60km north-east of Melbourne.

The BNT starts at Donnelly Weir Healesville, Yarra Valley. Following the BNT and Horsetrail markers leads you through some of Victoria's tall timber forests. This first section of the trail is on gravelled service roads, moderate to steep uphill terrain for about 8km, then levelling out on Monda Track. It can be ridden or walked at any time of the year.

Located about 15km from Donnelly's Weir, on the Monda Track is a set of horse yards designed for day and overnight use by riders. This area includes tie up rails for horses and picnic area. For those wanting to stop at this point, Monda Yards can be reached by vehicle via Myers Creek Road and Monda Track.

The trail from Monda Yards to Narbethong is approx 18km, travelling through ferny gullies and tall Mountain Ash forest that make this area so unique. The terrain is flat to moderate then steep downhill. The trail includes gravel roads and 4wd tracks, and this section of the trail can be difficult and slippery in wet conditions.

Following the BNT into Narbethong and finishing at the Black Spur Inn offers safe parking, and horseyards for riders. Accommodation is available.

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Bicentennial National Trail

This trail is a 5,330km route through Australian bush, wilderness and mountain areas starting in Healesville, Victoria and finishing in Cooktown, Queensland. It is suitable for horse riders, walkers and mountain bike riders. Guidebooks are available and recommended for navigating the trail.

The Trail winds through some of the most magnificent terrain in Australia; unsurpassed views, wilderness valleys and the excitement of the pioneering spirit will keep you enthralled as you travel along the Trail or any section of it.

For more visit the Bicentennial National Trail website