Lined with gorgeous trees and numerous parks and sporting facilities, the Warburton section of the Yarra Valley is a great destination for families and couples alike. With the three kilometre Yarra River Walk meandering through the town itself before swinging past number of river crossings such as Story Reserve's famous swing bridge, the region has much to offer any visitor.

For those who are interested in a longer walk or ride, Warburton is at one end of the well known Lilydale-Warburton trail, a 38 kilometre track modelled closely on the old railway line. Take this opportunity to see some of Victoria's most picturesque countryside whether it be via bike, horse or even on foot. There are car park, picnic and even horse facilities located along the trail to ensure that the adventurous types are able to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Other scenic options for visitors include La La Falls and Mt Donna Buang, with both locations providing visitors with stunning views in the midst of lush forest.

Information sourced from the Yarra Valley Visitors' Guide